IPLC Activities
IPLC's goal is to produce world leaders or citizens of the world that can service the world. Therefore it is important that our students receive a holistic education. In this regard extra-curriculum activities are an essential part of development this complete leader.
Morning Devotion

Hoon Duk Hae is a daily devotional time mandatory for all students and staff. Meeting at 5 am gives the students an opportunity to study God's Words and share with their colleagues centered on the truth.
Chen Il Guk Festival

This is celebrated every month of August. The said festival showcase the rich culture of the Korean people through various activities such as singing, dancing, games and etc.
Foundation Day

This day celebrates the founding of our college and is celebrated with sports and game competitions.
Tong-il Moo Do Training / Festivals

Tong-Il Moo Do- an opportunity for the students to show their martial arts skills to the community.
Teatro Mundi

Student Theater group managed by our experienced faculty members which gives the students a change to develop their acting and production skills.
Dance Club

A club where the students can express their creativities and talents and bring joy to the college and community.
Divine Principle Club

Student group which researches the Divine Principle concepts and develops their teaching abilities.
Service Projects

These projects take place all year long in the local community to serve the needs of the community and gives the students a chance to reach out and live for the sake of others.
Medical Check-up

IPLC's registered nurse organized a yearly free check-up for all students and staff to serve the needs of the students.
Chusok Activities

Periodically in the year the students are organized to reach out in teams to do entrepreneurial activities to raised funds of the activities of the college.