IPLC will be conducting a regular entrance examination
This is to announce that IPLC will be conducting a regular entrance examination everyday from Monday to Saturday effective March 31, 2014 2pm at the IPLC Admin Building for the incoming new freshmen for the SY2014-2015.

IPLC has now 3 programs;

(1). 4 year course,
(2). ESL program, and the
(3). Two Years Program: Disploma in Religious Studies.

The qualification for the 1 year program;

(1). at least of legal age,
(2). high school graduate,
(3). and had attended at least 7 days DP Workshop.

We encourage all our members around the world to send the members of their tribe to study at IPLC and be part of the iplc providence. The first batch of our 14 days workshop will be on April 7-20, 2014. The 2nd batch would begin on April 14, 2014 and the next batch would begin every 7 days thereafter.

Please don't miss the opportunity to connect your spiritual children and the members of your tribe to be part of the IPLC providence in fulfilling the vision of our TM. The first batch of the 14-day DP Workshop will begin tomorrow April 7-20, 2014 and the 2nd batch and other batches will begin on April 14, 2014 and every 7 days thereafter respectively. Aju!

(For more information contact us: Jun Maglangit- (0063)-0999-9955867, (00632)-5693897, or (0063)-999-9955867. email: iplcollege@yahoo.com. Thank you!