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A premier academic institution to educate students of the nation for world leadership.


Raise students to be the leaders that possess the four primary qualities of true leadership based on the founder’s standard of a balanced education.

Purpose and Objectives

  1. To nurture and train the students to embody the teachings of the founder and become effective and professional lecturers of the Divine Principle, Unification Though, and Unification Theology;
  2. To equip and empower the students with the necessary organizing and management skills to be able to evangelize and share a God-centered way of life thereby adding value to oneself, family and the nation;
  3. To train young people to develop entrepreneurial ability in order to manage the human and material resources of financially independent organizations and individuals;
  4. To develop strong, healthy and physically fit young people with excellent skills in martial art, sports and cultural activities.
  5. To develop strong healthy and physically fit young people with excellent skills in martial arts, sports and cultural activities.
  6. To produce leaders who embody the culture of heart and culture of peace through living for the sake of others.
  7. To generate research-driven leaders who are socially responsible and committed to national solidarity and global peace.

Why Choose Our IPLC?

International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) is an academic institution devoted to raising students that possess the qualities of true leadership based on the founders’ standard of a balanced education. We invest in our students’ quality education and good character to produce global leaders who will contribute to building a world of peace.

Scholarship Offers

With IPLC’s mission of raising world leaders, we offer local and international scholarships to outstanding or academically qualified students, but in financial need, to enroll and soon be global citizens who will give back to the community, nation, and world.

Skilled Lecturers

Our faculty is dedicated to helping students achieve academic excellence, as well as develop good character, upholding the standard of a balanced education. Geared with IPLC’s vision to educate students for world leadership, we impart our expertise and professional experience to guide students in their learning process and in applying their knowledge to contribute to the betterment of the nation and the world.

School Dormitory

IPLC has two on-campus dormitories - Men’s Dormitory and Women’s Dormitory, for students, faculty, and guests. It is the home to students from all around the nation and world. Our dormitory buildings can accommodate over 900 residents. We provide shared spaces to mold students to become global leaders by learning the culture of true love and creating a harmonious environment despite diversities.


We provide leadership by heart and by example that is worthy of being emulated by many people from generation to generation.


We uphold and practice the most possible ethical values in the professional field by enhancing the learning dimensions of education (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor).


We strive to be perfected in all of the daily activities and every endeavor by continuously improving quality work and activities through the culture of heart enhanced by honesty and integrity.


We take great pride in recognizing and empowering people who demonstrate the importance and value of teamwork.


We take time, efforts and resources to render the spirit of true service for peers and subordinates.