Student Honor Code
Student Honor Code for Student in Residence

To maintain the highest spiritual, academic and physical standards, I commit myself before God:

1. To actively develop my spiritual life through and regular participation in my community’s worship church activities;

2. To attend enrolled classes and fulfill all academics responsibilities and requirements with honestly and integrity;

3. To take full responsibility for the cleanliness of personal and public living areas;

4. To abstain from tobacco, alcoholic beverages, the abuse of drugs, and pornography in order to promote physical and spiritual health;

5. To uphold and live according to Principle/Biblical moral and pre-marital, extra-marital or homosexual relationship. Promiscuous behavior will be considered grounds for suspension or dismissal.

6. To create a healthy, positive atmosphere respectful of diverse cultural and religious traditions;

7. To prepare for a mission from the college upon graduation Since admission to IPLC is a privilege, I understand that my continued attendance is dependent upon my sincere commitment in heart and actions to the provisions of this code, and all rules, regulations and policies to the College as prescribe in the student hand book.