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President's Message

It is my distinct honor to welcome everyone to come and explore the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC), a DepEd and CHED recognized premier academic institution with the vision of raising students to become world leaders. Located in the eastern part of Metro Manila, in the highland mountains of Tanay, Province of Rizal and considered a tourist destination by the Municipality of Tanay’s Department of Tourism; the IPLC takes pride in its serene, state of the art campus away from the chaos of the city, which many find as the most conducive environment for learning. We have carefully-crafted programs and schedules for the students to experience a productive yet exciting boarding school life as they live in our secured and well- maintained dormitories to cater to their well-being.

I am happy to share that IPLC’s academic program is designed to educate students to be leaders that possess the primary qualities of true leadership based on the Founder’s standard of a balanced education. At the end of the students’ term, once they graduate, they are expected to exemplify leadership in their respective chosen fields of profession. In IPLC, they are thoroughly trained to do beyond the call of duty without any reservation embedded in their hearts by practicing the culture of ‘living for the sake of the others.
IPLC’s mission is to raise students not just on knowledge and skills but to put more importance on their capacity to understand the value of life and the importance of family- building. Let me quote some words of the founder of IPLC, Dr. Sun Myung Moon which is the guiding principle of the IPLC education: “There is, however, something more important than studying to prepare for the future. Before unconditionally focusing entirely on studies, young people must realize what they want to do in life. They must make a determination to use their talents to help the world rather than just serve themselves. Many young people today seem to be studying just for its own sake. Unless you have a purpose in life, your studies will lack the passion needed for happiness.” (As a Peace – Loving Global Citizen)
Through the years, IPLC has been steadfast in its mission of not just raising student of knowledge and skills but of character and heart of service, filial piety and patriotism. The IPLC Founder’s vision and mission is embedded in the understanding that the family is the root and fundamental cornerstone of society, thus IPLC students are trained to be great parents in the future, wonderful citizens of the nation and a peacemaker wherever they go based on the universal principles that goes beyond race, belief, culture and tradition.



The seal of the International Peace Leadership Collegeis surrounded by two arrows, which signify the balancebetween the internal and external aspects of education—themoral and spiritual, and the intellectual and technical. Seen asuniversal symbol of serenity, the olive leaves represent theultimate goal of education, i.e. the establishment of a world oflasting peace. The torch-lit motto speaks for itself: “Love,Truth and Excellence for World Peace.” (Amor Veritas etVirtus Ad Pacem Mundi).

International Peace Leadership College


IPLC is geared towards a balanced education. In Balanced Education, learning is fun and there's full of fun in learning. Research showed that in balanced education, there is no division between playing and learning; between the things student does just for fun and things that are educational which will help in molding a wholehearted God-centered person. We designed our program for our graduates to have a good family in the future. This is an alternative hope of building a drug-free nation. The IPLC founder once said, "The ultimate purpose of true education is to recreate people who love their nation, that is, people who devote themselves to searching for God’s nation. The foundation for true education is encapsulated in the motto; Love God, Love Mankind, and Love your Country.” The goal and purpose of our work in the field of education are to establish kindergarten schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities where love for God, mankind, and the country is nurtured, and where people are equipped with not only the knowledge and technical skills but also with good character. In order to attain this task, we have improved our programs of educational pipeline and facilities such as state of the art classrooms, a gymnasium, a mess hall, dormitories, libraries, and other facilities. Furthermore, IPLC students were being cared for by dorm parents, assisted by resident nurses and physicians. In addition, we encourage our students to refrain not just from pre-marital sex relationships but also to refrain from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, not to use illegal drugs, and other unwanted vices. Our concern is to produce a graduate with wholesome personality having both an internal and external value possessing diplomatic skills, management skills, financial independence, physical strength and spiritual sensibility in addition to the degree being earned.

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